It’s Possible to Connect You via Skype or WhatsApp ?

Yes, for Instant Messaging Please kindly Contact us Via Skype or WhatsApp: +255782600302

How do you handle customer support?

Our preferred method is by using a web-based support desk where support tickets can be tracked, time-stamped, and logged. That way we can generate performance...

My License account was suspended. What should I do?

Actually, there are two main reasons for suspension: For a billing issue If you are late paying your bill, then we’ll suspend your account until...

What language does your support speak?

Our Swahili, English-speaking customer service support team is available to offer assistance and guidance through our online chat.

What is priority support and how does it work?

We value all our customers. Each customer is equally important to us.  Priority support will only change the privilege and will be attended /severed on...